Indiegolf.com is here to change the face of golf.   We play in tee-shirts and Ray-Bans.  We play at public courses and tear the gates down at country clubs.  We crack open beers, stroll down the fairway, and soak it all in.  We are here to resuscitate the sport of golf because we love to play the game and we want to ignite a love for golf in you.

Currently, golf has an image of wealth and sophistication that seems to be putting the sport in jeopardy.  Golf cannot survive if it continues to hold this image, mainly because it limits the golf-playing population to a certain higher class.  Golf is a sport for every gender, every race, and ultimately, every type of person.   Golf does not have to be expensive and it is not very difficult to learn.   It is our goal to make golf a universal, environmentally-friendly, and engaging sport that will inspire more people to take part in the game.  Indiegolf.com will elaborate on these ideas as a means of changing the face of golf.